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petition for the next companion to not be a white girl in her 20s who crushes on the Doctor 

petition for the next companion to be a grumpy chinese-american grandma who complains about plot-holes and knits the doctor horrific time-travel-themed sweaters to wear when she thinks it’s cold out (most of the time)

reblogging because this is the best idea ever

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So… I’ve been neglecting tumblr lately.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.


this is it, my greatest contribution to the internet

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*rides into battle on a gym class butt scooter*


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*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

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She Who Dares to Stand Where I Stood.

May God love her.  

May she be able to help you in ways I never could. 

May you be able to help yourself.

When the day comes that I am no longer the one that holds your heart, and she comes in to your life.. 

May you have the courage to speak to her. Use the things that I, as your proclaimed soulmate, have taught you. 

You do not deserve a shitty life, my dear. For I hope, I will not always hold your heart, but at least be in it. 

Happiness looks, so incredibly good on you. 

This too, shall pass. 

Whether you and I are in the cards again, or not… who knows. 

All I can possibly know, is how much you meant, and will continue to mean to me. 

I am not in the business of saying goodbye, I refuse.

When someone means this much to you, you can never truly tell them goodbye. They will always be there.

I’m sorry, things didn’t work. I tried. I tried to be that support you needed.

This is you. This is on you.